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Nile Trade core business is the exportation of Fertilizers, Rock Phosphate, and Minerals to the international markets.


NPK 25.5.5 + 5S 


NPK fertilizer is usually thought of as a chemical fertilizer, but npk applies to any soil amendment that supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and K, Potassium, including organic fertilizers.


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Granular Single Super Phosphate 16%, 18%, 20%

GSSP is a straight phosphatic multi-nutrient fertilizer which contains 14.5% water soluble P2O5,

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Granular urea

• Created from ammonia synthesis, carbon dioxide and has the highest nitrogen content (46%) that's why it is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer.

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Potassium Chloride

Muriate of potash (MOP) is most commonly called potash or potassium chloride (KCL), it is the third largest crop nutrient group, next to nitrogen and phosphorous.

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